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Consultation services are different than ongoing therapy. Ongoing therapy, which is not offered by Sprout Therapeutic Interventions at this time, requires an evaluation and a treatment plan to work on skills necessary to achieve the client’s goal.


Consultation services are meetings designed to provide education, guidance, and address specific concerns/questions.


The following concerns are some of the things that can be addressed through consultation appointments:

  • Your child is struggling with behaviors at home and you need guidance on how to respond to the behavior

  • You are setting up a classroom and need ideas on how to set up a space that is most conducive to learning. 

  • You are overwhelmed with the demands of parenting a difficult child and don't even know where to begin

Occupational  Therapists are trained to consider problems from every angle: the personal factors, environmental factors and demands of the task. We consider social, health, behavioral, and contextual factors. And we care deeply about finding solutions that help you meet your goals!


If you would like to schedule a consultation, please email


For more information on evaluations, please email

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